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House of Memories

About the Project

A Lost boy with no memory of his life finds his way back home, yet remembers he never wanted to go back, staying there brings the horrible memories the house carries. Trapped by his own parents, who are now distorted in horrifying ways. He is forced to submit into the signal tower’s channel. He plans to find a way out before he falls victim into the hypnotic transmission.

Meet the Team

Team Lead: Maxine (Art Direction, Character Art and Animation, Lighting Direction, Post Production)

Nina (Environment Design and 3D Modeling)

Eva (Character Design, Environment 3D Modeling, Lighting Direction)

Anagh (Environment Design and 3D Modeling, Lighting Direction)

Chad (Character Design, Environment 3D Modeling)

Watch the Film

Concept Art & Model Sheet

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chara var 2 - Maxine Eera Cristobal Toledo.jpg
IMG_0404 - Maxine Eera Cristobal Toledo.JPG
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