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Shrinking into the Grass_Poster_1920x1080 - Sadira Kuriakose.jpg

Shrinking into the Grass

About the Project

A boy gets bitten by a ladybug and wakes up to find that he has become tiny. He explores this new world and faces it’s dangers.

Meet the Team

Sadira Kuriakose


Team Lead

Creature Modeler (Beetle), Rigger, Animation, Simulation, Post-Production, Final Edit and Audio.

 Alina Ulmaskulova

Creature Modeler (Ladybug), Rigger, Animation, Simulation, Post-Production

 Zainab Riaz

3D Modeler (Environment), Simulation, Post-Production


Vijay Bosco- Cameraman
Vishwa Ganesh- Audio (Voice Recording) Shaurya Dhar- Audio (Music)
Ali Khalifa- Actor

Watch The Film

Watch The Showreel

Concept Art/ Model Sheets

Beetle_Reference_Board - Sadira Kuriakose.jpg
Ladybug_Reference_Board - Sadira Kuriakose.jpg
Mushroom_Reference_Board - Sadira Kuriakose.jpg
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