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About the Project

Mankind has gone through bloody wars for the rule of the most powerful. Scientists have been trying for years to find a way to create stronger and more resilient soldiers, as the human toll has been high. Soon, they decided to replace lost body parts with prosthetics. The experiments with such technologies led them to create chip-controlled cyborgs. The government formed the cyborg army to defeat the country and restore its freedom... The cyborg soldier - Aivie and a small group of soldiers are on a mission. She explores the area and finds the entrance to a destroyed laboratory. Eventually, a light comes on and she sees a closed door. She prepares to face the danger in the name of peace.

Meet the Team

Nina - Nina Muradian.jpeg

Nina Muradian


project manager and leader, environment artist, post-production artist, skinning artist

tsimafei - Nina Muradian.jpg

Tsimafei Kuksar


character artist, rigging artist, animation artist

Watch The Film

Concept Art

CM P3 File 12 Final (Tim) Full Aprrouved - Nina Muradian.jpg
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