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About the Project

An adventurer finds the dungeon she’s been looking for to obtain an artifact of some kind, she later discovers that a rival of her’s had been following her. They’ll now have to race on who gets artifact first through the dungeon and uncover the many dangers that lurk within it.

Meet the Team

micheal - Nima Jani.jpg

Michael Matthew


team lead & head 2D animator

Nima - Nima Jani.jpg
Jawad - Nima Jani.JPG
anugrah - Nima Jani.jpg

Nima Jani


co team lead & head 3d animator

Muhammad Jawad Sherazi


 3D modeler

Anugrag Samuel


3D modeler

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Concept Art

Rival Sketches - Nima Jani
Additional Rival Sketches - Nima Jani
Main character sketches - Nima Jani
Additional Main Character sketches - Nima Jani
Additional Beast sketch - Nima Jani
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