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Spring Vibes

About the Project

For this project we went with a genre of music that we weren't all that familiar with which was jazz. Within this EP there are 2 songs. The first one is a cover of the song Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra. The second song is an original composition by Jamin called: Moving On To Caparis, which is a 5 min instrumental jazz song that incorporates a Filipino string instrument called a Hegalong.

Meet the Team

IMG_9039 - John David Laureta.jpeg

Farah Lafi

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Team Lead - Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Tomislav Vanenski

John David Laureta

20231105_211107 - John David Laureta.jpg
383103848_325280500020256_3220034836074844197_n - John David Laureta.jpg

Project Collaborators

Kirby Jinn Mariano: Drummer

Kyne Kipp Mariano: Bassist

Jamin Jezoar Echin: Pianist,Guitarist & Violinist

Carlo Noble: Singer

Listen to the Track

AUD212 Fly Me To The Moon Cover_1 - John David LauretaHannah Varghese
00:00 / 02:36
AUD212 Moving On To CaparisHannah Varghese
00:00 / 06:02
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