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Sintel Project

About the Project

Our project, entitled 'Sintel,' stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts and proficient execution of our team. Demonstrating a high level of time management and organizational skills, we successfully navigated the complexities of the project, which encompassed over 800 tracks requiring meticulous mixing and mastering. Throughout the development of 'Sintel,' we actively embraced innovation, exploring new technologies such as 5.1 Dolby Atmos.


The project saw the integration of two distinct 5.1 mixes, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence. Approaching this endeavor with the utmost professionalism, we transcended the conventional student project mindset. Instead, we approached 'Sintel' with the dedication and attention to detail one would expect in a client-driven professional environment.


Our collective commitment to delivering exceptional results is reflected in the culmination of this project, which we proudly present as an exemplar of work deserving the highest grade—a testament to our unwavering standards of excellence.

Meet the Team

Shaurya Dhar - Audio Director, Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Dialogue Editor, Composer, Audio Mixer, ADR Engineer, Sound Effects Editor, Audio Supervisor.

Mahmoud Ahmed Hatem Mohamed Aboubakr - Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Dialogue Editor, Voice Actor, Composer, Audio Mixer, ADR Engineer, Audio Supervisor, Project Management

Andrei Irwin Serrano - Foley Artist, Voice Actor, Re-Recording Mixer

Suhas Shivalingaiah - Foley Artist, Dialogue Editor, ADR Engineer

Listen to the Tracks

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