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About the Project

Because we thought "Luke Fox's: Reasons" would let us experiment in a way that would spark our creativity, our group decided to go with it. We have utilised a variety of recording studio techniques, such as performance capture, synthesis, sound design and sampling to improve and polish a basic Pro Tools recording session of “Reason” in order to produce a professional recording. By exploring multiple reference tracks from pop, indie pop, alternative indie, indie surf and folk genres, we were able to improve and come up with fresh concepts for our production. Our goal in producing this song is to create a genuine, authentic indie surf track with a perfect mix of serenity and vibrancy.

Meet the Team

JOB - Delia Williams.JPG

Job: Drummer, Producer, Engineer

DELIA - Delia Williams.jpg

Delia: Producer, Engineer

IMANE - Delia Williams.png

Imane: Producer, Engineer

Listen to the Track

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