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Sound for Animation

About the Project

In this project our team had to record audio from scratch for an animation called Sintel. We were provided the original audio mix created by the studio who made the animation and our job was to re-record all the foley , dialogue , special sound effects and produce a score or backing music as well. We created both a stereo and 5.1 mix for this animation. We spent a lot of time at SAE studios with the foley kit , working diligently throughout the term to accomplish this task. The project enabled us to be creative with our sound design and helped us understand how the process works in real life situations.

Meet the Team

Gadzhimurad Mamaev
Foley recording, Score production, Final Stereo Mix and Master, 5.1 Mix engineer

Yashvir Cheyanand - Foley recording , 5.1 Mix engineer.

Marc Naoum - Foley recording , 5.1 Mix engineer.

Keith Gonsalves - Foley recording , 5.1 Mix engineer.

Listen to the Track

L.A. NailsTomislav Vanevski
00:00 / 03:11

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