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Creative Intentions

About the Project

Creative Intentions follows a documentary crew shadowing a barely established team of immature, (in)experienced (un)professionals, and explores their struggle with unconventionalism, improvisation and creative differences.

Meet the Team

Mathieu Marquez - Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Camera Operator
Nicholas Gokavi - Producer, 1st AD, Writer, Sound Engineer, Location Recordist
Farhath Manaz - Producer, 2nd AD, DOP, Colorist, Gaffer
Andrei Serrano - Producer, Composer, Sound Engineer, Boom Operator, Location Recordistucer, Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Project Collaborators and Roles

Umerah Vasaiwala - Title, Poster & Graphic Designer

Watch the Film

Mathieu Marquez

Nicholas Gokavi

Andrei Serrano

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