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About the Project

The 3D animated short film showcases a battle between the goddess and an evil serpent summoned by her twin sister who is fueled by hatred for her father.

Meet the Team

Pritesh Addepalli - Project Lead
Rheanne Lewis - Art Lead and Environment Artist 
Erin D'Souza - Environment Artist
Mohammed Raza Hasan - Character Artist

Project Collaborators and Roles

Meera Ahmed - Mocap Artist
Nuha Niyaz - Mocap Artist
Krish Bachani - Character Rigging Artist
Maheshwara Medawatte - Audio Engineer
Patrick Viernes - SFX Recorder
Insiya Habib - Social Media
Gopika Padmanabhan - Social Media

Watch the Project

Rheanne Lewis

Pritesh Addepalli

Erin D’Souza

Mohammed Raza Hasan

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