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Route 2000

About the Project

Route 2000 is an experiential design project that highlights the shared cultural upbringing of TCKs in the UAE, showcased in the form of a physical exhibition at SAE Institute Dubai. It addresses the lack of representation of UAE third culture kids and emphasizes the shared cultural identity of the community. Through evoking a sense of nostalgia within its audience, Route 2000 aims to convey: "We have similar experiences no matter where we're from." 

The project featured interactive walls, artefact sections, Baqala booth, and other relevant elements which delivered an experience that moved every visitor. We are not only taking an immersive approach to a ‘niche’ concept but, also challenging ourselves as graphic designers to explore a new stream of design.

Meet the Team

Insiya Habib - Creative Director
Faith Piodena - Project Manager
Gopika Padmanabhan - Art Director
Maria Melchor - Social Media Executive

Project Presentation

Event Day Video

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