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Landscape - Mira Amor Acotina Diamante.jpg

By Mira Amor Diamante

About the Project


( . . . ) consisting of three evenly spaced periods, it is used to indicate the omission of a word or suggest an incomplete thought.

In my album cover designs (as well as a vinyl sleeve variation) for "wave to earth", a K-Indie band that makes rock/alt music, I wanted to be able to showcase that emotion of longing and heartbreak of a person yearning for someone not in their lives anymore.

With Cho Giseok (a well known photographer and designer from South Korea) influences for the imagery and keeping the consistency through referencing pre-existing "wave to earth" designs, this mock-album encapsulates the emotions it is trying to convey, may it be through color, expression, or imagery. This emotion-packed album design would then surely resonate with the band's audience.

Album Cover Mockup

Square - Mira Amor Acotina Diamante.jpg
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