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Urban Guardians Landscape - Samantha Gayle Ablo.jpg

Urban Guardians
By Samantha Ablo

About the Project

Urban Guardians is an engaging superhero platform game designed to tackle the challenge of motivating behavioral change regarding pollution and educating players about waste management. The game combines elements of fun and education, immersing players in a polluted virtual world where they experience the consequences of littering. Through interactive gameplay, players also learn the importance of waste management, with a focus on sorting trash.

The players get to play as a superhero character who gets placed in an environment that is severely affected by pollution. The game unfolds in various levels, each presenting a new set of challenges related to pollution and waste. Players embark on missions to collect different types of trash and by the end of each level, will be rewarded on how much trash they have collected with tools that can give them abilities for the next levels.

Game Stills & Assets

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