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Solarize Landscape - Samantha Gayle Ablo.jpg

By Samantha Ablo

About the Project

Solarize is an immersive and interactive science exhibition tailored for college students with an interest and passion for climate action. This exhibit offers a firsthand experience that simulates a particle's journey from a photon from the sun to electricity powering a household.

The exhibit is composed of 8 zones, each intricately representing a stage in the solar energy process. To ensure a comprehensive understanding, we equip visitors with a smartphone that serves as an informative companion as they navigate the exhibit's pathways.

As visitors explore Solarize, they find themselves enveloped by two LED walls, which come to life with animated visuals simulating the part of the solar energy process. 6 Zones will be a walkthrough experience while 2 are interactive.

Our exhibit is not just a learning experience, it's an immersive adventure that fosters a profound connection with the science behind solar energy and its pivotal role in the fight against climate change.

Exhibition Presentation

App Screens & UI

Solarize Screens.JPG
Solarize UI.jpg

Exhibition Storyboard

Solarize Zone 5.jpg
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