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About the Project

"Slapback" is an original Funk/EDM/Experimental track I made for my Studio 2 Project 2.


I had a very free workflow while working on this project, and didn't want to limit myself to creating under a certain label (genre), so I made music without worrying about it, and simply enjoyed the process of making music and tried ideas I thought would sound good!

As a result, the song is hard to categorize under one genre, and I'd say is a quite fun listen!


There are many elements in this song that were recorded using analog equipment, and lots of effort went into post-processing them. I would say the most impactful recorded element were the drums. I used a variety of microphones to record each individual drum element, and also set a room mic and two overheads to get their respective sounds. A lot of effort went into post-processing, and of course, lots of effort went into mixing and mastering as well!


I'd say one of the biggest twists in this song is the switch to EDM. I'm a big EDM fan, and I love digital music production, and in an attempt to try an idea out, I created this great, blending, track!

Meet the Team

Nicolas Huitron De Vicenzi - Creator of the Track "Slapback"

Project Collaborators

Yashvir - Drummer
Sai - Guitarist

Listen to the Track

SlapbackNicolas Huitron De Vicenzi
00:00 / 02:24

Project Nominated

Best Recording Track

Best EMP Track

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