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Fall 2 Rise - An Ep by Murad

About the Project

For studio 2 we were tasked with creating a small EP project. I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and strive for productions that showed my range as someone who wears the DIY hat loud and proud. Both tracks are in the genre of alternative RnB and Afro-Soul respectively. Since I gravitate naturally towards these genres, I wanted to test myself and see what I was capable of, especially when it comes to doing live studio recordings and getting other artists involved.


My personal opinion is that these projects aren't much to be impressed about composition-wise, but I was able to make myself proud on the sound engineering and production elements of these 2 songs as I feel like I have improved my skills. They are yet to be fully completed into something that stands out from the crowd as the songwriting needs to be finished and feel more cohesive with the music but since I got nominated, I thought I would submit in respect to those who have nominated me.

Meet the Team

Gadzhimurad Mamaev - Lead producer, sound engineer, singer, mix and master engineer, and guitar player. The majority of this project was done by me, I also had another student Klara do some backing vocals on the first track.

I had 2 professional instrument players come in for the second track. They both made the drum and sax parts.

Project Collaborators

Klara - Backing Vocals (Instagram: kch.x)
Aj -Saxophone player (Instagram : teamajirisax)
Chubstix - Drum player (Instagram: ChubstiX)
Ahmed Tohamy - Co. Sound engineer. (Instagram: Tohamy)

Listen to the Track

2 FallGadzhimurad Mamaev
00:00 / 03:35
2 RiseGadzhimurad Mamaev
00:00 / 05:18

Project Nominated

Best Recorded Music Track

Best Music Mix

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