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Radiohead - Creep

About the Project

This was a project where I re-created Radiohead's creep in the form of a hip-hop/trap style song under the influence of one of my favourite recording artists and producers called PLAZA , known by his real name as Michael Kavinski. I took inspiration from his music and made a sonic mood-board of a few of his tracks, which I then broke down by listening to these songs with a critical ear.


This project was a great step-up for me as I learned how to use Ableton Live and more importantly how to use my ears to break down different styles of music. I learned about Ableton Live's analog synth and how reductive synthesis works to create my own specific sounds like the bass and lower frequency synths. 

This project was also a good lesson on rhythmic timing, it allowed me to become more conscious of the elements in a groove that develop the song's character. It showed me that with the right breakdown and analysis, you can re-make any good song in any genre and allow your individual taste and technique to shine in this process.


It also has helped me to see that I can be versatile in the paths that I can take in the audio industry, as remaking this song ( while I was learning Ableton live from scratch ) was a very fun process for me. In the mix , I tried to reproduce the same vibe that Plaza tends to do in many of his tracks, which is an intimate , dark and mysterious one.

I am a big fan of using reverb and delay effects to produce atmospheres such as this.


I also used some automation on filters as I felt like that was a good way to allow more space for the vocals to shine and provide more interesting transitions. As I didn't know too much about the right mixing etiquette and techniques while working on this project, I used my new found knowledge and experience of critical listening to stick structurally, as close to the musical composition of the song as possible.


In the end the project came out much better than I expected and I learned a lot from it. Looking forward to seeing where I can improve from here.

Meet the Team

Gadzhimurad Mamaev - Producer and Sound Engineer

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