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About the Project

Elements is a six-track Progressive Rock/Carnatic album that is one of a kind. The fundamental aim is to merge the 5 main songs with the 5 elements of nature, i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Wind, as in the Pancharatna Kritis composed by the 18th-century Indian composer Tyagaraja (each song having its own element with a Title Track).

Meet the Team

Ayush Krishnan: Producer, Mix Engineer & Mastering Engineer

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Project Collaborators

Co-Producer & Assistant Recording Engineer: Mohit Kashyap

Vocals: Ananya Murali, Nandagopal Neelakantan Mridangam: Jayaram Iyer

Guitars: Gokul Shyam Sundar, Abhimanue Gautam Das

Keys: David Victor

Mixing Engineers: Jason Baretto,

Aarti Venkat,

Samuel Sabu,

Daniel Jacob,

Abhimanue Gautam Das

Album Art: Delilah Luis

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