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PIKA Fight Arena

About the Project

Pika Fight Arena is a fun 3D game where friends compete in exciting battles. It's played from a top-down view and offers different game modes. To win, players need to reach a certain number of points. This document explains all the technical details and how we plan to make the game.

Pika Fight Arena offers an action-packed local PVP multiplayer battle arena game that immerses players in a thrilling and dynamic combat experience.

Players can choose their own character models, adding a personal touch to the battles. The game features a variety of fighting styles, power-ups, obstacles in the environment, and different goals to achieve. These elements are combined in unpredictable ways, creating unique and exciting challenges for players. Your ultimate goal is to win as many game modes as possible to claim the title of the Pika Champion.

Note: Game is playable with controllers

Meet the Team

Vince Kyle Delgado - Programmer / UI Designer
Adam Kwame - Game Designer
Ali Sharafeddine - Game Designer

Project Preview

Want to give it a try?



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