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KAEL - The Young Wizard

About the Project

Step into the enchanted world of our game, where you take on the role of a young wizard named Kael, who has dreams and ambitions to become the greatest wizard of all.

But his spell-casting abilities are not yet ready, so you must prepare to embark on a journey to recover the missing spell notes and master them along the way. Explore the different worlds filled with danger and harness your spell-casting abilities to conquer each world's challenges.

Can you gather all the scattered notes and master the spells? That is for you to find out. Kael is a 3rd person-experience adventure game where you will play as Kael the young wizard. Kael can combine elements and create spells out of them.

So players will have to learn how to make spells through keyboard combinations. There are a total of four spells to master in the game. Three of those spells will have to be unlocked as you progress through the game. By using the portal, you have three worlds to explore.

Each world will have different types of enemies. Some have resistance to some of your spells, so players will have to use their spells wisely. Each world also offers different challenges like puzzles and moving obstacles. Along the way, you can also collect potions like health and mana potions to help you recover from battles.

Meet the Team

Vince Kyle Delgado - Programmer
Mehdi Ouldbeziou - Game Designer
Saif Almheiri - Game Designer

Project Preview

Want to give it a try?



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