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DreadRun Landscape Poster(1920 1080) - Avinash Sanjay Prabhu.jpg


About the Project

Dreadrun is a bullet hell dungeon crawler based in a voxel world of action and adventure. You get one chance to explore the Dungeons and prepare yourself for a tough fight. Your mission is to deliver the Payload with varying rarity through perilous randomly generated dungeons, battling hordes of enemies and leveling up to protect the payload until the end only to find yourself an award worth your experience!

Meet the Team

Avinash Prabhu (Project Lead, Project Manager, Programmer)
Hassan Abusalih(Programmer Lead, Project Manager)
Dev Trivedi (Level Designer, Audio Designer, Programmer)
Armaan Takyar (Programmer, Tutorial Designer)
Lyn Eyad ( Creative Lead, Programmer, Level Designer, Artist)
Arman Shaikh (Designer)
Prieance Sagar (Designer)

Project Preview

Want to give it a try?



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