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About the project

A first person zombie shooter, The Player survives through large hordes of zombies in 3 different rooms, each room more challenging than the last and each having its own set of objectives. Players can stock up their ammo and receive rewards from ammo boxes located in throughout the challenge rooms.

The player suddenly wakes up in an unknown place with no recollection of how they got there. they are then greeted by a demonic voice which taunts them throughout the game. The story is meant to be extremely ambiguous as to how or why they got there, but will allude to the fact that they are trapped in some sort of nightmare or purgatory, The challenge rooms represent tasks the players must continue, stepping into a light until a meter is full, and defending a statue from the attacking zombies.

Meet the Team

Anmar Alyousef - Lead Programmer / VFX
Jeffrey David - Lead Designer / SFX & VFX
Akarsh Lakshman - Designer / VFX
Sami Dummar - Design

Watch the gameplay

Read the Game Design Document

Download Links

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