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Swing Labs

Swing Labs

About the project

A first-person single-player game where the player goes through various levels that will require the player to use their grappling hooks to overcome them while being assisted by their robotic companion.

The player is encouraged to keep away from the ground and stay in the air by swinging across the interior using their grappling hooks in the science fictional environment. The player’s robotic companion will assist the player throughout various areas of the game by serving as a hook for the player to use their grappling hooks on in order to swing across places that the player may struggle to reach by themselves.

Meet the Team

Sami Ventura Dummar - Lead Game Designer, Programmer, and Project Manager
Mazen El Shaar - Programmer
Shammah Salah Mubarak Ali Albreiki - Programmer

Watch the gameplay

Read the Game Design Document

Download Links

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