Midnight Craving

About the Project

Midnight Craving is a first person horror game. You are a self proclaimed scientist that has managed to create a serum that accelerates the growth of plants. The only issue is, it worked too well. Now your once cute Venus Flytrap towers you in height and sees you as its midnight snack. Go around the house gathering supplies in order to barricade everything lest the plant escape and wreak havoc out there.

Meet the Team

Christiaan van Wyk - Lead Designer, Project Manager, Programmer

Jeff Taylor - Designer, Programmer

Satchee Shastree - Lead Programmer, Designer

Project Collaborators & Roles

Adarsh - Foley Artist, Supervising Sound Editor & Music Producer

David - Assistant Foley Artist, Co producer

Callum - Assistant Foley Artist & SFX Breakdown

Levin - Assistant Foley Artist

Arya - Assistant Foley Artist

Project Preview

Wanna Play test it? Well... Go ahead!