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Pumped Up Kicks

About the Project

This was our final project of the term. Vimal and I chose Foster The People - Pumped up Kicks as our project.The task was to re-produce elements of the track, using the C24 Studio to achieve a successful drum recording at SAE and make an individual professional mix of all the re-created instruments.


This was my first time recording a fully miked drum kit and it was a great experience for me to learn from. We also recorded a tambourine , my vocals and the electric guitar, all at SAE campus. For my own mix, the goal was to see how close I could come to achieving an exciting mix with all of the elements we re-recorded. I wanted to keep the drums as present as I could andI kept a few of the guide elements like the transition FX, pads and vocal chops. When it comes to vocals , I was referencing the original track with the intention to replicate the vocal chain ( which involved it's own research ) but eventually I ended up with something that was close yet slightly different and I liked the final result.


This was my first attempt at a professional mix that was ready to be sent off to be mastered. It allowed me to focus on my bad habits and improve my overall mixing ability, as well as my critical ear. It has encouraged me to trust more to myself , especially when in the mix. It was a pleasure to work with Vimal on this project as he made a great studio partner and friend.

Meet the Team

Gadzhimurad Mamaev - Producer and Sound Engineer, Vocalist, Tambourine Player

Vimal Nair - Producer and Sound Engineer, Guitar Player


Jonathan - Drummer

Daivik - Guitarist

Adarsh Narayan - Mastering Engineer

Listen to the Project

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