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SAMAR ICED TEA - LANDSCAPE POSTER - Sharee Drew Paredes Macalaguim.jpg

SAMAR Iced Tea
By Sharee Drew

About the Project

The project brief was to create a packaging design that focuses on layout and the communication of the product's information. I made the brand SAMAR basing it on existing iced tea brands and targeting a target audience aged around 18-25. I relied on colours and illustrations to convey what the brand has to offer, which is this summer freshness, that is bright and lively. I used colours that are appetite stimulants as well as imagery that serves as explicit information on what the product is. I wanted to maintain and reflect the preferences of the target audience by using visual aids that would be effective in gaining their attention.

Packaging Mockups

MOCKUP 1.jpg
MOCKUP 2.jpg
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