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About the Project

After aliens invade the earth a pilot with old history gets ready to fight them off.

Meet the Team

Saji Sleem


Team Lead. 3D Asset Modeler Texturing Artist. Rigging. Animator. Compositor. VFX Artist. Concept Art

 Pritesh Addepalli


Discipline Lead 3D Environment Asset Modeler Texturing Artist Animator VFX Artist

Concept art



Abishek Timbadia Hisham Al-Hussaini Maheshwara Medawatte


Gopika Padmanabhan

Watch The Film

Watch The Showreel

Concept Art/ Model Sheets

5 - Saji Youssef Sleem.jpg
Untitled-1 - Saji Youssef Sleem.jpg
Untitled-4 - Saji Youssef Sleem.jpg
Untitled-6 copy - Saji Youssef Sleem.jpg
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