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To Be King

About the Project

The To Be King project is a musical work that explores the relationship between brotherly camaraderie, gang violence, jealousy and love.


Song Breakdown: Each song on this album is a different section of the story.


The first song is foreshadowing the entirety of the story as two friends argue with each other on what is the safest route (dual mic setup, recording session).


The second song on this album is an anthemic, uplifting love song that aims to capture the exaggeration, infatuation and the extremity of delusion that comes in the being-in-love package.


The third song on this album is a climactic, emotional and angry song that showcases the downsides of danger, gang violence and overall losing yourself and the plot. The third song utilizes two voices in the intro to emulate being trapped inside your head; Brandons voice is emotional, hurt by the love he has for the woman and the outcome of it all. The muffled angry voice in the background is later unleashed as the aggressive, violent and trigger-heavy gangster that is inside Brandon and going to take out the opposition at any cost.


The fourth song is a reflective, humbling and closing experience for the project. As in the end of the story, the win is not to be king but the win is the lesson he has learnt from fighting these battles. It is not a dramatic ending, but takes on a more realistic ending to a real-life story. Not every battle is won, and not every battle is worth the fight if the outcome is more severe. Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away, and that’s what makes a man a man.

Meet the Team

Brandon Joe Naidoo

Producer, Engineer and Artist

Vinayak Menon

Producer, Engineer and Artist

Listen to the Project

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