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Wild Smite

About the Project

Operation Wild Smite: Visit a future where humanity revels in luxury, with their robotic servants catering to their every whim at all costs. But this game isn't about humanity. It's about the animals that have suffered as a consequence of the robots excessive exploitation of what the world has to offer.

Go solo or partner up with an animal friend and venture out on numerous expeditions, and get stronger, in order to rid the planet of these mechanical parasites.

Meet the Team

Chris De Wet Van Wyk - Project Lead & Game Designer
Farhan Ul Haque - Programming Lead
Anmar Alyousef - Game Programmer
Sami Dummar - Game Designer
Bibi Fatima - Graphic Designer

Project Collaborators and Roles

Abdullah Khan - Animator
Sjunsei - Animator
Noora - Animator
Cyrus - Character Concept Artist
Leen - Character Concept Artist

Watch the Game Trailer

Anmar Alyousef

Sami Dummar

Chris De Wet Van Wyk

Farhan Ul Haque

Bibi Fatima

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